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Should we manage our expectations?"Expectations are up across the board in the NFL. For most teams [url=http://www.49erslockerroom.com/authentic-trent-taylor-jersey]Trent Taylor Jersey White[/url] , anyways. The San Francisco 49ers are primed for a leap in performance from several positions and many looming uncertainties throughout the roster. With the expected pick of Nick Bosa as an immediate impact at edge rusher, the Niners are almost certain to take a giant step forward. How big of a step, though?Rome wasn’t built in one day鈥ven with the exponential impact of a full healthy season of Jimmy Garoppolo and Nick Bosa both having pro bowl or near pro bowl seasons, what’s really the ceiling for the 2019 season? A competitive race for second in the NFC West? A potential wildcard with an 8-8 record? I’ll even reach as far to say there’s the possibility of even winning a postseason game. That’ll require plenty of injury luck falling in our favor and calls going our way. The timeline for the 49ers returning to dominance within the division took a step back last season with the lack of growth in chemistry due to the obvious carousel of injuries and just putting bodies in uniforms. This should be a season geared towards actually seeing what we’re working with and who’s actually competing to be a long-term asset to the franchise. One draft pick, outside the QB position, can’t propel a 4-12 team to the top of a division that sent two other teams to the postseason. #2 Overall is a HOT Commodity!In the upcoming draft you can draft impactful, ready-to-start NFL talent through the midway point of the second round. The #2 overall selection is one huge piece to a puzzle. It can also be sold to get two pieces in the first or possibly three pieces in the first 45 picks. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have 3 rookie starters, instead of 2 coming in the first 45-50 selections. Everyone is in love with the highly regarded Nick Bosa, and for good reason. I would settle for two threats coming off the edge or interior over one. It’s a numbers game.When you have time, and moneyThe salary cap is more than generously in the Niners favor these next two seasons. With almost half of the roster becoming free agents in 2020, and even more available cap space the team will have a much better idea of who should stay, who should go [url=http://www.49erslockerroom.com/authentic-dante-pettis-jersey]http://www.49erslockerroom.com/authentic-dante-pettis-jersey[/url] , and there’s plenty of big fish out there in the sea. The NFC Champions had a defense comprised of multiple free agency acquisitions, and it may have not looked pretty most the season, but it did make it to the Super Bowl. A bunch of hired guns on defense, and an overwhelmingly creative offense is all it took. The Rams are talented on both sides of the ball, but the offense was versatile without any main targets, and the defense came up big enough to end most games with the lead. The Niners are in a prime position to set themselves up for the same infrastructure moving forward after this season. Pretty smart to get the rookies now and groom them to compete for the NFC title in 2020!49ers rookies get off to solid start in Week 1 vs. Vikings The San Francisco 49ers are a young team. While it’s no excuse for the mistakes made against the Minnesota Vikings, their youth certainly showed in their loss. Some penalties, dropped passes, and other metal errors kept what should have been a game the 49ers could have won, into a close loss. Let’s look at some of the big players. WR Dante PettisPettis had some bonehead moments. Muffing a punt comes to mind. Thank goodness it didn’t result in a turnover. Pettis also had the only touchdown of the day, a beautiful catch thrown by Jimmy Garoppolo in the third quarter. Pettis also had another chance at a touchdown earlier in the game, but a nice defensive play kept that from happening. At first it looked like an inexcusable drop, but the arm of the Vikings defender was almost like a log blocking any attempt at Pettis hauling it in. Pettis’ route running ability was on full display and his improvisation helped in the successful touchdown catch. OT (OG!) Mike McGlincheyThe 49ers tackle doesn’t have anything major that comes to mind when we’re a few hours removed from the game. That suggests McGlinchey got off to a good start. The more interesting story with McGlinchey was how he was used to get the 49ers out of Minnesota. Mike Person went down with an injury and Joshua Garnett followed. That left a vacant guard position. The 49ers elected to move McGlinchey to guard and put Garry Gilliam in at right tackle. As you might expect [url=http://www.49erslockerroom.com/authentic-kwon-alexander-jersey]http://www.49erslockerroom.com/authentic-kwon-alexander-jersey[/url] , the offense elected to move things to Joe Staley’s side for the rest of the game, but it wasn’t pretty. As for McGlinchey playing guard? It was a first. Not for his NFL career, but ever. According to Matt Barrows, it’s the first time he (McGlinchey) played the position.LB Fred WarnerWe saved the best for last. Fred Warner has made the decision regarding starting linebackers much more difficult when Reuben Foster and Malcolm Smith become available. Warner led the team in tackles with 12 (11 solo), one pass defended, and also had a forced fumble (recovered by Richard Sherman if you’re curious) which we have right here: Warner was impressive for his rookie sample size, and already has us looking to possible chaos available once Reuben Foster comes off suspension. Once the 49ers get Foster back, they may have their starting linebackers figured out. The problem is depth — Brock Coyle has entered the concussion protocol and Malcolm Smith is fighting another injury. If Warner can build on this performance, he could be something special. We’ll have a more thorough film breakdown later today.The restDefensive back D.J. Reed and cornerback Tarvarius Moore both got special teams snaps, but no defensive snaps. Reed played 14 snaps, while Moore had 22 snaps, tied with Mark Nzeocha for most special teams snaps on the team. Wide receiver Richie James and defensive tackle Jullian Taylor were both inactive.
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