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For fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers it hasn’t been a very happy season up to this point. But [url=http://www.buccaneersjerseysproshop.com/sean-bunting-jersey/]Sean Bunting Jersey[/url] , it doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy a happy Thanksgiving as we sit down to eat good food with good people. At least I hope you’re sitting with good people.Of course, there is football to be seen as three games will try to keep you entertained this holiday. The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions kick it all off with a 1230 PM EST game. Then, it’s the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys at 430 PM EST - which is perfect, because I plan on napping around then. Finally, end the day with pumpkin pie and the Atlanta Falcons matching up against the New Orleans Saints.Three divisional match-ups, and two games that project to be really really good contests.Until then, let’s have a little fun.On a bonus episode of the Locked on Bucs podcast, James Yarcho and I decided to do a little Thanksgiving day food comparison to Tampa Bay Buccaneers players of today. I know, hard-hitting stuff. But it’s Thanksgiving. So we don’t need to be too serious all the time, right?We each made our own player menu, but here’s a peak at some of the highlights.James Yarcho’s picks (JY) David Harrison’s picks (DH)TURKEY: QB, JAMEIS WINSTON (JY)Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty ImagesThe main course for this year’s Bucs menu is No. 3 himself. As the hopeful franchise quarterback of Tampa Bay’s storied franchise, the better Winston is doing, the more people are watching. Now that he’s back in the starting lineup, it gives an underlying sense of purpose to the remaining games as most Bucs fans have moved on to thinking about what might be for 2019.STUFFING: G [url=http://www.buccaneersjerseysproshop.com/sean-bunting-jersey/]Sean Bunting Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey[/url] , ALI MARPET (DH)Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesStuffing, dressing, whatever you call it, it’s delicious. And it’s super versatile. Able to accompany just about any protein you choose, Marpet can play just about any position on the offensive line you choose.MASHED POTATOES: WR, ADAM HUMPHRIES (JY)Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty ImagesConsistent, smooth, and always available when you need them. This describes Adam Humphries and, apparently, mashed potatoes.SWEET POTATOES: TE, O.J. HOWARD (DH)Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty ImagesWhomever first thought to throw marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes was a genius. Plain and simple.That person may just be the Teressa Bellissimo of Thanksgiving. Two things which shouldn’t go together, yet do so well.Tight ends in the NFL today typically either block really well or catch really well. Rarely do you get both of those ingredients in one. With Howard, you have just that. And this is why he was my pick for sweet potatoes.MACARONI AND CHEESE: TE, O.J. HOWARD (JY)Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty ImagesIt’s not surprising this young Bucs tight end is potentially two dishes here as he’s shown so much versatility already in his career.Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait until 2019 to get our next serving of the standout player after the Bucs placed him on IR this week with ahigh ankle sprain. Drake approves.CRANBERRY SAUCE: KICKERS (DH)Not one specifically. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been through so many it’s hard to pinpoint one.Well [url=http://www.thebuccaneersclub.com/sean-bunting-jersey/]Cheap Sean Bunting Jersey[/url] , we’re in luck. Because cranberry sauce is the embodiment of many berries combined into one dish. Thus, we have the Bucs’ kickers ever since Matt Bryant was allowed to travel north to Atlanta.Don’t get me wrong here. Sometimes they’re good, but no matter what, you don’t want to rely on this spot to make the whole thing work.PUMPKIN PIE: WR, DESEAN JACKSON (JY)Photo by Will Vragovic/Getty ImagesIf you listened to the Locked on Bucs’ reactions episode following the team’s Week 11 loss to the New York Giants, then you’ve already heard what Mr. Yarcho had to say about Jackson.Let that be your guide as to what his opinion of Thanksgiving’s most popular desert food is.BONUS FOOD - PECAN PIE: WR, CHRIS GODWIN (JY)Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty ImagesThe discussion was a fun one, and we went so far as to allow Yarcho a bonus food so he could fit Chris Godwin in there. The first half of Sunday’s game in Tampa has seen the Washington defense yield a lot of yards to the Buccaneers, but that hasn’t put their team in a hole on the scoreboard.Dustin Hopkins hit his second field goal of the game with 24 seconds left in the half and his team leads 6-3 after 30 minutes as a result of his work. The Buccaneers also tried two field goals, but Chandler Catanzaro only made one of his tries.Two other Tampa drives took the team into Washington territory, but Ryan Fitzpatrick was picked off by Josh Norman in the end zone to kill one scoring chance. Fitzpatrick is 16-of-22 for 214 yards overall and the Bucs have posted 279 yards while possessing the ball twice as long as their opponents.One would imagine that it will be hard for them to remain behind Washington if they continue to produce like that in the second half, but the first 30 minutes have made it clear that there’s not much for the Buccaneers to take for granted.
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