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Tying your shoes is something that most people have been able to do since they can remember; it's a simple task using a basic method — at least it was until this video went viral.Twitter user Kitt Bob shared a video on Sunday of a shoe similar to an Adidas Stan Smith sneaker being laced up in 12 ways [url=https://www.thetopsneaker.com/nike-free-women]https://www.thetopsneaker.com/nike-free-women[/url] , captioning it: "I've been doing it wrong all my life."Since Sunday, the post has been retweeted almost 235,000 times, with 743,000 likes. The two-minute video has already over 12 million views./twitter.com/bob_kitt/status/110742560201602662521The clip demonstrates how tying your sneakers normally is a thing of the past. One method takes rainbow laces and brings them up each side separately to tie together in a big bow in the center of the shoe.Another technique uses just one lace taken from top to bottom instead of bottom to top and then tucks the end away behind the tongue of the sneaker.Since the Tweet's explosion on the trending charts, other users have attempted to replicate the styles and are responding to the complicated video with their own comedic takes.One user, Shane Berketa, shared an image of himself wearing socks with flip flops, saying: "If anyone needs this in slow mo just let me know . . . ."/twitter.com/shaneberketa/status/1108101314209181696Wendy Lloyd posted her failed attempt at knotting her sneakers differently, captioning her image: "That went well."/twitter.com/wendylloyd/status/1107953966019686401Watch FN's cover shoot video with Stan Smith below.Want more?This Is How Your Shoes Should FitThis Remixed Version of the Adidas Stan Smith Is Perfect for Valentine’s DayNike Unveils Its Self-Lacing Adapt BB Basketball Sneakers It's been a slow and steady process for the made-in-Colombia shoe brand Kaanas. Founded in 2013 by sisters Adriana, Juliana, Natalia and Liliana Acevedo [url=https://www.thetopsneaker.com/nike-lunarlon-women]Nike Lunarlon Womens[/url] , shoemaking has been in their blood since birth, and they plan to continue the family business.Growing up, their father had shoe stores in Colombia, while their mother owned a small factory. "Shoes are all we know," Liliana, 32, the brand's designer and creative director, told FN. "It's personal. We grew up around samples, around leathers. This is a passion."Kaanas all started with an espadrille, and the line has since grown to include sandals, mules, flats [url=https://www.thetopsneaker.com/nike-react-women]Womens Nike React[/url] , booties, block-heels and its most popular category, sneakers. The wearable assortment, which are handmade by local artisans and focuses on a feminine aesthetic, retails for under $200.Since the launch, Kaanas found wholesale partners in Nordstrom, Shopbop, as well as 500 independent boutique retailers.Now, the millennial entrepreneurs plan to expand their e-commerce business. By owning their own factory, which Juliana, 26, runs logistics and production [url=https://www.thetopsneaker.com/nike-zoom-women]https://www.thetopsneaker.com/nike-zoom-women[/url] , the Acevedos see an advantage.Liliana said, "[It cuts cost.] I can sample as much as I want and fast. We are quick to market. I can do a shoe in 24 hours if we had to do, so for sampling and new developments. It's advantageous."Brand awareness is key for growth, according to the founders. The duo will be putting their efforts toward marketing, social media and celebrity placement.And while the family-owned company is based in Colombia, the label's focus is on the U.S. market. However, their hometown has been nothing but supportive."There's a huge female entrepreneur [wave]. It's incredible. Colombian fashion brands are having a good moment. There are thriving brands," said Liliana, "Being a woman in the fashion industry in Colombia, you are supported. They give you a lot of credit and recognition."She added, "We are growing. We have patience. Our dad taught us that this takes time."Want more?How I Did It: Her Career in a Male-Dominated Industry Inspired Angela Scott to Launch a Footwear BrandKeds Redefines What It Means to Be a ‘Lady’ for International Women’s DayThis Jackie O-Inspired Sandal Brand Is Getting a Major Revival
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